Who is Bright Vision?
Bright Vision Distribution LLC is a portfolio company focused on partnering and scaling the leading products across a multitude of industries. We excel at front end and back end growth and help businesses achieve their true profit potential through our time-tested frameworks; including our culture optimization to ensure maximum satisfaction of team, clientele, and owners. Bright Vision is the parent company of RankOne Ecommerce. Listed as Bright Vision Digital or Bright Vision Distribution. 
Then who Is RankOne Ecommerce?
RankOne eCommerce is the leading firm for entrepreneurs and partners seeking Ecommerce opportunities to generate cash flow, scale ecommerce enterprises, and tap into the riches available through financial markets. The leadership team at RankOne has over ten years of expertise in the ecommerce field and has created millions of dollars in revenue. They are here to create tremendous potential for the right clients. RankOne Ecommerce is a subsidiary of Bright Vision Distribution LLC focused on ecommerce opportunities. 
Is the company digital or physical?
RankOne is a fully distributed company, operating from around the world. Utilizing some of the best technology and processes to ensure the success of our clients, our teams are in constant communication with each other all throughout the day. Headquarters for the executive team is shared between Massachusetts and Florida with plans to establish a physical location in the Miami area. With current offices in MA, Dubai UAE and Australia.
What is YTAutomatic?
YT Automatic is a business opportunity, provided through RankOne Ecommerce, to own a digital asset through a YouTube channel(s). All the work is done for you. We partner together with you to fund the channel and create longterm recurring revenue opportunities.
Why not just make lots of your own channels?
While we could, it actually aligns more with our goals in business and life to do this in partnerships. It does take an initial investment to get the channels going. Partnering with others allows us to have a steady influx of cash to keep creating and evolving new ways to scale these channels and the revenue generated through them. Additionally it allows us to connect with other entrepreneurs who are aligned with our growth and expansion goals. It's way more fun to see others thriving along with us. And it enables us to employee hundreds of other people and help provide an excellent life for them and their families. 
Who is Chris Zissis?
Chris is the brilliant mind that ensures all 150+ YouTube channels we oversee continue to grow, expand and generate revenue for our clients. He has been doing this for over 4 years and is truly the best in the business when it comes to YouTube. He manages an amazing team of 200+ writers, editors, designers and video producers.  If you dig a little deeper, you may find evidence of his previous life as a fitness model and actor. Either way, Chris is unequivocally the kind of guy you want on your team. 
What type of channels do you create?
We've done everything from sports to farming. With our proprietary 3 point test we can evaluate any given topic for viability. Most channels are oriented around popular interests and non will require you to be in front of the camera.

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